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Janice Holmes

Clinical Director and owner of HealthSCAN Thermography

Janice has been involved in healthcare at many levels for over thirty years starting as an Athletic Therapist working with athletes and sport related injuries. Throughout her experience she realized that motivating people to consider all aspects of their health is a passion. In 2007, she discovered the value of Digital Infrared Thermographic Imaging (Thermography) technology and shifted focus to becoming a Certified Clinical Thermographer Level II with the American College of Clinical Thermology so she could provide a more in depth level of health information to her clients. HealthSCAN opened in 2008 and has been servicing the Burlington, GTA and southern Ontario communities since.

Janice has worked extensively with provincial, national and international colleagues to grow and promote all aspects of health care and continue to focus on educating all women, men and healthcare practitioners about the benefits of using thermography services. She is both ready and willing to help those who choose to use thermography for early risk marker detection screening and an adjunct screening tool for body and breast health. She believes, as do many health care professionals, that being proactive with your health and early detection of conditions provides the best outcomes.

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