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History in the making...

It all began with the lure of nostalgia and a countryside auction. In 2016, the auction for John's great grandmother's farm beckoned us, intending to explore the familiar land from John's childhood and perhaps acquire some farming equipment for our hobby farm.

However, the auction took an unexpected turn. Instead of leaving with just a hay rake, we found ourselves smitten with the property, ultimately deciding to purchase the entire farm. Initially uncertain about the farm's future, one thing was clear – a desire to uphold the timeless tradition of farming that echoes through our family history. As the years unfolded, a vision emerged, and the idea of cultivating a vineyard took root.

Over the past five years, the journey has been marked by countless hours of hard work and unwavering dedication from our extended family, friends, and dedicated staff. Their support has been instrumental in bringing us to this pivotal moment. Now, with immense gratitude and excitement, we embark on a new chapter at River House, throwing open our doors to the public for the very first time. Join us as we share the beauty of our journey and the spirit of River House with all who seek a taste of the extraordinary.

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