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History in the making...

If this land could speak, it would tell stories of our ancestors; tales of how they worked the soil and bathed in the river. It would tell the story of how our great uncle rowed his wife to the one room school house upstream where she taught.

Our great, great, great grandparents, James and Jane Deacon, started a family homestead on this land in 1872. This picturesque property, bordered by the Tay River and Davern Lake, was an ideal setting to raise a family. The hillside at the back of the property, in later years, was christened Chapel Hill, where many a wedding took place. 


The homestead left the family for a generation. Thankfully we had the opportunity to purchase this land in 2017, and began our plans for a winery, keeping the rich family heritage alive. The natural hill sloping down to the river lent itself perfectly to the creation of a vineyard, as did our desire to create a gathering place for good friends and family.

Several years have passed, and we have worked the land just as our ancestors did to produce something new and beautiful. And as we open the doors to River House Vineyard and Winery, we welcome you to experience the magic of this timeless place; where roots run deep and beauty is found around every corner.

Image by Marina Reich
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