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Michelle Wojcik


Finding a moment of stillness can be really difficult in this ever-changing world. I believe that healing happens in this stillness, where the chatter of the mind dissipates, and we are able to re-connect with what the body is feeling or experiencing. When this connection is achieved, awareness can be brought to the areas that may require further healing. As an RMT, I use massage as a tool to help my clients achieve a meditative state, improving mind-body connection, enhancing self-awareness, while releasing physical pain or tension that no longer serves.

As someone who spent the majority of her life looking for a safe space within herself, I value creating a safe, supportive space where my clients can pause, breathe, and discover their own unique path of healing. With my experience as a national level athlete and degree in Physical Health Education, I look forward to applying my knowledge of human kinesiology to my passion of holistic wellness, while continuing to expand my knowledge of different modalities and methods of treatment to best support you.

Michelle is currently on sabbatical.

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